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TSP Analyzer Analysis of Thrift Savings Plans - TSP Calculator

Making Sense of your Thrift Savings Plan
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Key Features
When reviewing TSP statements we found ourselves with more questions than answers.
  • Have I contributed more than my account is now worth
  • How much have I contributed, how much has the agency contributed
  • How much have I gained or lost each investment year
  • How much have I gained or lost over the entire investment period
  • What APR have I earned for the entire investment period and for each individual year
  • What would I have if I had put all my money in 'X' fund or split it at certain percentages
The TSP Analyzer can help you answer these questions and more! The TSP Analyzer 'reads' federal employee Thrift Saving Plan (TSP) quarterly statements in PDF format and displays pertinent information giving the TSP participants a 'big picture' graphical view of their investments.
  • No data entry required
  • Annual Gains & Losses
  • Historical Account Balances
  • Historical Annual Percentage Rates
  • Asset allocation strategy comparisons
  • Yearly or investment lifetime summary data
  • Full set of sample data included in the download