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Welcome to TheTSPAnalyzer Application Details

Making Sense of your Thrift Savings Plan

The primary intent, when creating The TSP Analyzer, was to provide an easy-to-use application that gives you the complete picture of your TSP investment. Additional goals implemented in The TSP Analyzer are:

  • Data entry--Or, more precisely, the lack of data entry. This powerful tool allows you to see your performance for each year or the entire investment period with no data entry. Just download your quarterly participant statments from the TSP website, run the software, and register it.

  • Real and Accurate Information--Presenting information realitive to your investments, not in the normalized manner that is typically presented by investment firms. More can be read on this in the help files section or by searching the Internet; suffice it to say, The TSP Analyzer presents your gains/losses, Annual Percentage Rates and other factors exactly as your investments performed.

  • Security--We recognize the importance of security as it relates to your Personally Identifiable Information (PII). The TSP Analyzer does not store or transmit any personal information from your participant statements.
Account Summary and Totals imported from quarterly participant statements.

Summary: Beginning Balance, Contributions, Loan Repayments, Gains and Losses, Closing Balance and Change in Account Value. Double clicking Summary items will open the corresponding quarterly statement in PDF viewer.

Totals: Employee and Agency Contribution amounts, Ending Value and Annual Percentage Rate each contribution source has earned.

Chart: Historical Account Balance, Annual Percentage Rate, and Gains & Losses.

Displays all transactions where funds are either added to or removed from the account identified by the downloaded quarterly participant statements.

This includes transactions such as Contributions, Loan Dispursements, Loan Repayments, Adjustments, and Refunds.

Double clicking on any specific entry will open the respective participant statement if a PDF viewer is installed.

Prices for each TSP investment Fund for each business day.

The latest Share Prices are downloaded from the Internet when navigating to the Share Prices tab.

This information is used to calculate values for both the Overview tab and the Chart tab.

Plotting of Employee, Agency and Employee + Agency contribution totals compared to actual account value.

Two investment strategies comparison options:

1. What would your investment value be if invested only in a single Fund.

2. What would your investment value be if investing percentages in multiple funds

Estimated graphical representation of account values at retirement age.

Initial values assume an earnings rate equal to participants current total investment period.

A 3% inflation rate is used to determine how much employee and agency contributions will increase each year.

Retirement Age, Interest Rate, Inflation Rate and biweekly contribution can be adjusted to see how it will affect your investment over time.